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Great leadership skills start with relationships. That may seem obvious, but executive coach and founder of Transforming Leadership Steve Steff says that too many companies’ hiring processes and management tactics seem to totally exclude the relationship. If you are managing a team or a company, you need to relate to your team or employees.

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Josh shares his pick for the day: Cafe Don Pablo Gourmet Coffee


In one of the biggest tech acquisitions of all time, Microsoft purchased LinkedIn for $26.2 Billion in cash last week. We discuss the reasons behind the purchase—and the valuation. What does it mean for LinkedIn’s 430 million users?

Dr. Steve Steff, Founder & President of Transforming LeadershipAbout Steve Steff

Founder and President of Transforming Leadership, Dr. Steve Steff has served as consultant, counselor, and coach to executives from various companies for over two decades. Today, he and his team are dedicated to helping good leaders become great leaders.

Author of the powerful book The Business Card, Dr. Steff has helped transform the lives and leadership skills of countless leaders inside businesses from large to small.

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Show Notes

Often we are not aware that our business even has a culture—especially within smaller companies and organizations. But the behaviors we engage in and reward from day-to-day actually do create a culture.

Dr. Steff explores some of the ways that we can intentionally transform culture, including practical examples from some of the most important areas of our businesses (such as the hiring process). Along the way, he also shares powerful insights about the nature of leadership, the art of cultivating leadership skills, and other practical takeaways that you can put to use in your business right away.

Tools of the Day

Josh brings us some useful variations on a classic: the calendar app. With the “sunset” of the calendaring app, Sunrise, Josh wrote a post to explore some possible options, and shares them with us on today’s show.