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Facebook has announced some coming changes that will drastically affect the visibility of posts from Pages of all kinds. The fact that they bothered to announce this in advance is in itself worthy of note. We discuss the implications of the announcement, and look at ways to ensure your content still gets distributed to Facebook users. We also look at a fantastic content marketing campaign being steadily implemented old-school-style by a Chiropractor — his approach puts some great ones to shame! You’ll be certain to pick up a thing or two you can use,

In the news, we have a surprising tidbit about Brexit, a scary court ruling about the FBI and your computer, plus a great tool of the day!


Show Notes

Is this local chiropractor better at content marketing (offline) than most digital marketers and entrepreneurs? We discuss his fantastic method for reaching a highly targeted audience of potential patients, and break down why it works so you can steal, adapt, and otherwise use his ideas.

A few weeks ago, Facebook made a big announcement about what will be happening shortly with the organic reach of Facebook Pages. The change no doubt comes as a result of Facebook’s efforts to try to reverse the decline in personal sharing and continue to keep its users as engaged as possible. The bottom line: the organic reach of posts from your Facebook Page will likely be trivial unless those posts are shared.

The New York Times take on the same announcement? You won’t see much “news” in your news feed.

Aside: Radiolab episode, The Trust Engineers, examines the work of and goes behind the scenes with some of Facebook’s data scientists.

Tools of the Week

Even though he wasn’t with us this week, Josh provided us a great tool of the week: The Effin Amazing UTM Builder. This is an extension for Google Chrome that makes creating UTM links much easier. This will help with your content sharing efforts, tracking various advertising, email and other campaigns. It’s super easy to use, remembers “presets” to help make this faster, and automatically creates links for your new URLs.