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In the third episode of the Growth The Dream Show we’ll share the 7 tactics you can start doing to grow your business this year! Plus, we’ll share the 3 things you should STOP doing immediately. You can now subscribe to The Growth Show via our RSS feed.

Show notes

Growth tool of the week
Collect and display social reviews on your website.

The quickest methods for growing your business

Three things to NOT do:

  1. STOP hiring an SEO company and buying links.
  2. STOP using “set it and forget it” pay-per-clicks.
  3. STOP ignoring your email list.

Seven things to START doing this year:

  1. Use video on your home page.
  2. Reviews on your home page/landing page.
  3. Getting influencers and media. PR.
  4. Start measuring everything and quantifying ROI.
  5. Start using FB ads.
  6. Start re-marketing.
  7. Email your lists at least once per month.

Stuff We Mentioned

MCT Oil (more details in last week’s show)

Newcastle Brown Ale Super Bowl Ad: Band of Brands