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In today’s episode, Josh and David talk about how to make Google Analytics more useful for your business. If you’re guilty of only checking your analytics account once a month and you aren’t getting actionable data, then this show is for you. We’ll explain how important it is to configure goal tracking the extra steps you can take to make analytics more useful.

Show Notes

Here’s where to find stuff we mentioned on today’s show. (Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments!)

  • Geckoboard – Web-based “dashboard” tool for measuring your major marketing KPIs, including info from Google Analytics, social media profiles, email platforms like MailChimp, etc.
  • The “Perfect” Dashboard – click to install this in your Google Analytics account. Only really useful for e-commerce businesses.
  • CallRail – Call tracking software that dynamically swaps out phone numbers on your website based upon Google Adwords campaigns and other traffic sources.
  • GAget – App for displaying your Google Analytics info in a simple, beautiful fashion (iPhone and OSX)
  • GetSiteControl – Competitor to HelloBar, offers multiple types of attention-getting promo widgets for your site, along with really useful