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Larry Kim will blow you away with a whole new understanding of engagement metrics, a post’s relevancy score and the concept of ‘auditioning’ Facebook posts on Twitter to determine the best choices. As founder of, which manages about a half a billion dollars in digital advertising, Larry Kim is one of the most knowledgeable people in this industry. If you are doing (or want to do) any social media advertising, you need to listen to his measurable and successful strategies for getting strong engagement with the people you’re aiming at.

Larry KimAbout Larry Kim

Larry Kim is the founder and CTO of WordStream, which provides Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising software and services to thousands of businesses. With his background as a software engineer, Larry has a vast knowledge of technology systems. Recognized for a number of years as a thought leader in internet marketing circles, Larry can often be found on stage at events or interacting on his wildly popular Twitter account.

In this episode, Larry shares some amazing tips and tricks that will help you lower the cost of your Facebook & Twitter ads, get better engagement out of your posts, and promote your content to wider audiences on what he calls, “microbudgets.”

Show Notes

Brew of the Day: Dulce Leonarda by Left Roasters. “This is my favorite variety from Left Roasters so far! It’s got a really nice lemony-citrus thing going.” – David (Thanks, Nathan!)

Note: Scroll down for all the slides from Larry’s presentation at #INBOUND15: “The Top 10 Social Media Advertising Hacks of All Time”


An example of one of his highly engaging, emoji-laden tweets:

The Slide Deck from Larry’s #INBOUND15 Talk: