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This week, we talk about secrets to getting more bang for your Facebook ad buck and how to make sense out of your “Direct” traffic in Google Analytics. We also have a discussion about “rented” space for your content—like Medium—and ways to grow your following there while using POSSE to ensure you always own the original copy of everything. And more!

Show Notes

  • Josh’s group is discussing Breakfast with Fred
  • The Ziglar Podcast: iTunes / Web
  • Josh’s viral post: The ultimate collection of podcasts for startup founders and the Facebook ad campaign… why is it getting standout results?
  • The Indie Web created the idea of POSSE: Publish on your Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere (or Everywhere)
  • Known is a personal publishing platform you can use to POSSE your content. Download and install on your own server or use their hosted service, much like you can do with other open source projects like WordPress.