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What’s the most common complaint for people clicking on a web site? It loads too slow! Well AMP is looking to change all that by creating a master library of java scripts that will avoid constant re-loads among other things. It’s an open platform and sites using it do load very fast. But is there an issue with AMP being Google, which is always playing the long game? Also, we discuss the top news sites that are just killing in market share, which you may never have heard of.

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Show Notes

  • Facebook released new numbers last week  – quarterly revenue (Q4 2015): $5.84 billion (up 52% from the year before), profits: $1.56 billion (up 122% from the year before). More importantly: Monthly Active Users: 1.59 billion, Daily Active Users: 1.04 billion. Mobile Monthlies: 1.44 billion, Mobile Dailies: 934 million. HUGE growth in mobile.
  • David laments ever signing up for Facebook Business Manager (great idea in theory, but it’s a decision with consequences that should be thought through first!)
  • We discuss various efforts to speed up the web — especially for mobile users — including Facebook’s Instant Articles (limited opportunities so far for smaller content creators like small businesses). The response from Google and a consortium of publishers: Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
  • Sidebar: Forbes requests people to turn off their ad blockers, then serves up a “pop-under” ad promoting malware downloads
  • Google announces that they’re planning to incorporate AMP pages into search results, and will “reward” sites that load faster (even more than they have before) with higher rankings.
  • Nuzzel shows you content that people in your social graph are sharing most often
  • Automattic has spearheaded the creation of a WordPress plugin for AMP, but it’s still very early.
  • Rod points out that 10 Publishers Account for Half of All Online News (MediaPost)
  • Josh introduces us to social media graphics tool Photype, somewhat similar to Pablo (for Buffer), but with integrated image search.
  • Josh also introduces us to Advsise, which provides up-to-date image sizes for ads on every platform you can think of.
  • ….and finally, Josh also introduces us to Statsbot, which will message Google Analytics info (of your choosing) directly into Slack.

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