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What comes to mind when you think of email lead generation? “Boring?” “Old news?” As part of a holistic approach that includes social media, blogging and video to generate leads, email may be even more relevant than ever. Tom Tate, host of the “Ask Me About Email Marketing” podcast from industry pioneer Aweber talks with us about how email has evolved along with the times, covers all the essential concepts so you can make sure you’re covering the important bases where email marketing is concerned, and even gives us a sneak peek at some of their newest upcoming features: tagging contacts and click-based triggers.

Tom Tate, Jr.About Tom Tate, Jr.

Tom is the Product Marketing Manager for Aweber, a long-time leading email service provider and early pioneer of autoresponder technologies. With a strong background in project management, Tom spent a chunk of his early career working for a digital marketing agency. Today, in addition to his primary work at Aweber, Tom hosts the company’s “Ask Met About Email Marketing” podcast and publishes the Weekly.Coffee newsletter (check it out!).

Show Notes

  • The show is never the same without Josh — maybe a Twitter shout-out to let him know you missed him?
  • Don’t miss Tom’s tip for the “Information Gap” between your subject line and the content to help drive interest.
  • Here’s the Kissmetrics article on UTM parameters that Rod & Tom discussed, but don’t miss Google’s URL builder for actually helping you create your UTM links.
  • As a complete aside: here’s the cool email trick Aweber used that featured a live Twitter hashtag feed in the body of the message.
  • For more on how to get results with your email marketing, check out the Aweber blog.
  • If you’d like to support Grow The Dream Show when you sign up for your 30-day Aweber trial, use our special link: Here’s a non affiliate link if you’d prefer:

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